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New edition of Beara to Brefine now available

Dear friends of Beara,

I just received the following announcement of availability. Please address any inquiries, as directed, to

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Advance book reprint notice.

The second edition of 'The Great Retreat' as published in 1987,
re-edited and re-published in 2002, as 'Beara to Brefine' has been out
of print for some years. We are pleased to announce that a new and
revised edition is now ready to go to press.

Beara to Brefine details the Elizabethan wars of the late 1500's, The
Battle Of Kinsale, The Munster Resistance, the last stand of Donal
Cam, Chief of the Beara O'Sullivan and his indomitable Fighting
Retreat in the depth of a harsh winter as he led his refugee peoples
Northwards to hoped for safety in the Lands of Brefine.

The last of the Elizabethan Wars had momentous consequences for Gaelic
Ireland in that the wars were responsible for the fall of the Old
Gaelic Aristocracy, the Flight Of The Earls, the exile of other
Chieftains and Clans such as O'Keeffe, McAulliffe and Donal O'Sullivan
Beara. From there on Plantation, dispossession, cultural and other
genocide prevailed.

The Penal Laws and other oppressions became a constant for the Irish
Race until the rise of O'Connell and Catholic Emancipation in 1829
when the Roman Catholic, Nationalist majority began the slow,
systematic return to ownership of their own Lands and Rule of their
Own Country. The Book is a must read for all interested in this
significant, historical period in general and for Sullivans or person
with O'Sullivan blood or relations in particular.

This third edition is again revised and expanded by Donal
O'Siodhachain who took part in the 1987 march route recreation with
Donnacha O'Douling and other local Historians. He also took part in
the 400 year centennial march commemoration. He has also lectured and
given talks on O'Sullivan Beara and the Munster Wars. The inclusion of
large scale maps of the route will be especially welcome to readers.
The book is A5 size 15CM X 21CM (6" X 8.5" ) trimmed, full color card
cover, ( with a specially comissioned potrait of Donal Cam set against
Beara seashore) 90gms High Grade paper, 100 + pages fill, perfect
bound and trimmed.

This edition will be available by direct internet postal sales only
from Clo Duanaire / Irish and Celtic Publications. As the Distribution
Companies and chain stores are now taking 60% of the cover price and
with production costs running to another 30%, conventional sales
through book shops at a reasonable or affordable cost to the reader
are no longer possible for small publishers. This decision is
regrettable for the smaller bookshops with whom we have had a good
working and mutually beneficial relationship over past decades, but it
is also inevitable if we are to continue in book publication as we
intend do do.

All prices include post and packaging.

Zone 1 postal area, Ireland €15,
Zone 2 postal area, UK, £15,
Zone 3 postal area, remaining European area € 20 and
Zone 4, $ 25 US dollars or equivalent.

Note ; rather than incur additional credit card costs etc, prices are
intended for two or three local currency notes enclosed with orders.
All orders dispatched immediately or if not, at latest within a
fourteen day period.

Anyone interested in purchasing the book, please contact the editor,
at to place provisional order for copy or copies,or
for any additional details that may be required

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