Thursday, August 18, 2011

First post

This is a place for all those with an interest in the history and people of Ireland's Beara peninsula. I will sometimes post original content of my own creation, but more often I intend to solicit guest articles from others.

So please make yourself welcome. Participate in the discussions, if you're so minded; and if you have an article you'd like to contribute, please let me know.

Bill Gawne


  1. The Great Irish Famine (1845-1851) was the result of a blight which caused successive crops of potatoes to fail. Combined with centuries of English racist policies towards the Irish Catholics & the " Clearances" & evictions, which continued during the Famine and the callous "laissez faire" attitude of the English, only made a serous problem into a catastrophe. England at the time was the richest & most powerful country in the world, yet had little sympathy for the starving Irish . The English dug in their heels & did as little as possible to alleviate the situation which led to one and a half million deaths, and a similar number of desperate Irish forced to Emigrate to America & Canada. While thousands over the years of the Famine were arrested for minor crimes and sent to the prison colony of Australia for years of hard-labour, & many were sentenced for life. Was this Genocide?it was,OR at the least, a form of "Ethnic Cleansing ".

  2. Would you like to expand this into an article for publication? (Also, I'm boldly assuming that this is from Reg, who posts to the Beara mailing list. If not, please let me know.)